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Prophets of Rage "Prophets of Rage”

Lyrics (from Play Google)

With vice I hold the mike device With force I keep it away of course And I'm keepin' you from sleepin' And on stage I rage And I'm rollin' To the poor I pour in on in metaphors Not bluffin', it's nothin' That we ain't did before We played you stayed The points made You consider it done By the prophets of rage (Power of the people say)
I roll with the punches so I survive Try to rock 'cause it keeps the crowd alive I'm not ballin', I'm just callin' But I'm past the days of yes y'allin' Wa wiggle round and round I pump, you jump up Hear my words my verbs And get juiced up I been around a while You can descibe my sound Clear the way For the prophets of rage (Power of the people say)
I rang ya bell Can you tell I got feelin' Just peace at least Cause I want it Want it so bad That I'm starvin' I'm like Garvey So you can see be It's like that, I'm like Nat Leave me the hell alone If you don't think I'm…

Levin Minnemann Rudess Music Video (Back to the Machine)

Better call Saul? Nope, better call Levin Minnemann & Rudess!

Soulive - Flurries @ Brooklyn Bowl - Bowlive 5 - Night 8 - 3/22/14

Hiromi - In A Trance