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Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet

The Syncopated Taint Septet formed unexpectedly and organically in the summer of 2002 when Skerik was at home in Seattle between tours. Talking with long-time comrade and baritone saxophonist Craig Flory, Skerik decided to reactivate a sax-and-organ group with Joe Doria on Hammond organ and John Wicks on drums. Soon, the horn count increased as Skerik enlisted fellow Seattle musicians Dave Carter on trumpet, Hans Teuber on alto saxophone on flute, and Steve Moore on trombone and Wurlitzer electric piano, packing the harmonies (and the stage) with a five-horn front line. From the beginning, Skerik invited all of the musicians to suggest ideas and write music for the band. "The great part about this band is everyone writes music for the group. For me, these guys represent what is best about Seattle musicians: very strong improvisational ability combined with unique, creative musical compositions."

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Il 27 giugno è uscito “Husky”. Inquietanti.


Da "":
Louis Hardin era un singolare personaggio della New York bohemienne degli anni '50. Si travestiva da vichingo (con tanto di elmetto e spada), si faceva chiamare Moondog ("cane lunare"), stampava in proprio libelli e sillogi d'ogni sorta che poi distribuiva gratuitamente, si esibiva agli angoli delle strade (fra la 54esima e la sesta Avenue in particolare) e vendeva ai passanti gli spartiti delle sue composizioni.

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Joan as a policewoman

Da tenere sotto controllo questa Joan Wasser, il suo recentissimo lavoro dato alle stampe insieme a Rainy Orteca e Ben Perowsky è notevole. Qui alcuni esempi audio. Cantautrici femminili anglofone sempre più in forma smagliante, al grido di "BEAUTY IS THE NEW PUNK ROCK".

Nils Landgren

Nils Landgren
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Hymn for Funk Heaven Nils Landgren, the man with the metallic-red lacquered trombone, calls his Funk Unit "the tightest band I've ever played with". Whoever has experienced a performance of the group knows what he means. The quintet's teamwork is extraordinary, and the group swings with an impressive, relentless rhythmic drive that pushes the music forward in a continuous powerful flow. In a word, they groove. The Funk Unit has been together for ten years. They celebrate the occasion with a CD whose name was always in the band's basic program: "Fonk da World". Landgren's expressed wish was not to have a summit meeting of the illustrious stars who have worked with the Funk Unit over the years, players such as Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, and the Brecker brothers to Till Brönner and Airto Moreira. For Landgren the aforementioned desire meant that the Funk Unit itself is the summit, thus the anniver…
Stanton Moore - drums
Karl Denson - saxophone, flute
Skerik - saxophone
Chris Wood - bass
Brian Seeger - guitar

"At first I was a little concerned that listeners would think I was having an identity crisis because of the variety ... but these tunes reflect all the sides of my personality. That's why the album is titled Flyin' the Koop. I was in the studio battling with myself about the tunes: 'Is this too weird, is this too straight-up, should I put them all together?' And then I figured that if you believe in the music, you've got to free yourself from inhibitions and limitations. If you're jumping up and down in the studio 'cause the music is so great, then screw it: You've got to fly the coop." -stanton moore

El Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz alcanza este año su trigésima edición convertido en la cita imprescindible del panorama musical español. Tres décadas de música caracterizadas por mezclar la modernidad con la experiencia de los grandes clásicos del jazz. Y este año, no podía ser una excepción.
Así, el ciclo alavés presentará entre el 8 y el 15 de julio varios conciertos en exclusiva, como el del “Coloso” Sonny Rollins, o el de Paco de Lucia junto a Wynton Marsalis, quien además estrenará este verano una suite dedicada a Vitoria...

Lunes, 10 de julio
21,00 horas Noche Electrónica
/ Incognito
/ Medeski Martin & Wood 20 €

Martes, 11 de Julio
21,00 horas
/ Delfeayo Marsalis
/ Paco de Lucía 35 €

Miércoles, 12 de julio
21,00 horas
/ Ron Carter – Mulgrew Miller – Rusell Malone
/ Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra con Wynton Marsalis 25 €

Insomma, di fronte a tale programma non potevo assolutamente esimermi dal prendere tre giorni di ferie, comprare i biglietti a…