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Visualizzazione dei post da Dicembre, 2005


This is… Tunng
mother's daughter and other songs

“One of my favourite singles of last year was ‘Tale From The Black/Pool Beneath The Pond’ by Tunng, which displayed a sense of the surreal beneath its pulsing electronic heart. Now comes their debut album, a stunning collection of infectious and beautiful songs. Mixing acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, the album drifts along like a hazy summers day, each song gently fading into the next, as the songs weave their magic around the listener. Opening song ‘Mother’s Daughter’ sets out the bands manifesto perfectly, distorted electronic voices mixed into the picked acoustic guitars, whilst the lyrics are half- sung, half-chanted giving the song a hypnotic quality…”
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Titties 'n beer

It was the blackest night There was no moon in sight You know the stars ain't shinin' 'Cause the sky's too tight I heard the scarey wind I seen some ugly trees There was a werewolf honkin' 'Long the side of me
I'm mean 'n I'm bad, y'know I ain't no sissy Got a big-titty girly by the name of Chrissy Talkin' about her 'n my bike 'n me . . . 'N this ride up the Mountain of Mystery, mystery
I noticed even the crickets Were actin' weird up here … segue

Mi sono appena imbattuto in questo gruppo di discussione online legato al Maestro, Ho trovato una miniera di informazioni e di dati, tra cui la curiosa interpretazione di una copertina di un disco...